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The Tel Aviv Review podcast showcases the latest developments in the realm of academic and professional research, literature and culture. We discuss Israeli, Arab and Palestinian society, the Jewish world, the Middle East and its conflicts, and issues of global and public affairs with scholars, journalists and other deep thinkers. Our podcast offers long-form, in-depth conversations for a deeper understanding of the material, well beyond headlines and soundbites. 

The podcast is produced by TLV1 Radio, and hosted by Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin and Gilad Halpern. The Tel Aviv Review is sponsored by the The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and The Israel Institute, and The Israel Democracy Institute, among other supporters, including listener support. To support us through our Patreon campaign, click here.  

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Selected episodes

Creating Killers

Featuring Christopher Browning

August 11, 2019

One of the most controversial questions about the Holocaust is whether it should be seen as a universal human problem, or a unique horror perpetrated by Germans on Jews. At the heart of this question lies the work of Christopher Browning, author of numerous books on the history of the Holocaust, survivors, the Final Solution, and the story of a German auxiliary police battalion – Ordinary Men – who became killers.

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